Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tokyo Breakfast

I had no problem finding seemingly vegan food at our hotel's breakfast buffet.

Photo (clockwise, from top left): miso soup, fresh pineapple and kiwi, coffee (thank God), roasted potatoes with carrot and squash, rice, an assortment of Japanese pickled things including lotus root

Mr. Wright and I are going to tidy up our room and take a walk. This afternoon we take the bullet train to Kobe.

Oh, I almost forgot! When I put my foot into my shoe this morning, I felt something weird in the toe. I reached in and pulled out one of Curlytop's sponge letters.

Awwwww! My heartstrings definitely got tugged. When Mr. Wright travels without me, I always send something of mine with him so he'll think of me. Before he goes, I ask, "Are you carrying something of mine, besides my heart?"

Turns out, I carried something of Curlytop's to Japan.

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