Monday, January 24, 2011

My Day Just Got a LOT Better, Thanks to Cookinvegan!

Jenn at is my favorite person today. Seriously.

I was having a certified Crap-O-La Day. Major issues with one of my kids, a sore throat and a generally lousy attitude. All that changed when I got this in the mail:

Now, Jenn swears these Rocky Road bites are "simply dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and Dandies marshmallows," but I think she has to add some sort of special magic to them, because they rocked my world. And - oh, yes - I'm using the past tense here, because they are completely gone.

Every last chocolaty, nutty, marshmallowy morsel.

She also sent a jar of Meyer Lemon Marmalade. Now I have to go make biscuits or muffins or something, because eating the marmalade out of the jar with a spoon probably isn't very sexy. (Like that's going to stop me, right?)

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