Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bread Without Butter Reviews My Derby Gurlz Mini-Cupcakes

Derby Gurlz Double Mocha Mini-Cupcakes,
as baked by Tiffany of
Bread Without Butter
Tiffany at Bread Without Butter is not afraid of diving into a recipe. Me? I get intimidated by complex recipes required a particular skill set I don't naturally possess, but not Tiffany. Pulled noodles, anyone?

Though she swears she's not a formally-trained chef, I marvel at Tiffany's ability to troubleshoot recipes and break them down in an easy-to-follow format. That's why she's a great recipe tester.

One of the things she suggests in her review of my Derby Gurlz Double Mocha Mini-Cupcakes with Coconut Almond Cream Cheese Frosting is sifting the cocoa powder to ensure a lump-free batter. I'd never thought of that! In fact, after making the recipe and using a spatter screen to "sift" the cocoa powder onto the frosted cupcakes, I seriously considered buying a sifter, but my thought was to use it in the garnishing process, not the mixing. Ha!

Just look how adorable Tiffany's cupcakes turned out! Watch her Twitter feed for more delicious recipes and treats!

Are you ever intimidated by a recipe that seems too advanced for you? Or do you just jump in, without fear, like Tiffany?

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