Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cheater's Apple Coffee Cake with Only 6 Ingredients!

Happy Vegan MoFo!

WARNING: This "buttery" recipe will NOT help you lose weight. However, it will cure a sweet tooth, and make you look like a dynamo with just a few simple ingredients. And, as always, it's cholesterol-free, so your arteries will approve, as well as your tummy!

Flour, sugar, baking powder, salt... Measure, measure, measure... Who has time for all that, when there's a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey waiting on the nightstand? (Or, insert your current distraction.)

Let's simplify, shall we? Check it out:

Cheater's Apple Coffee Cake

2 c. Heart Smart Bisquick baking mix (did ya know it's vegan?!)
1/4 c. cane juice crystals or natural sugar
1/2 T. ground cinnamon
3/4 c. + 2 T. vanilla soy milk
1 medium tart apple, diced (Granny Smiths are superior. This is not a debate.)

1/2 c. vegan stick margarine (I use Nucoa)

1/4 c. cane juice crystals or natural sugar
1 t. ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

In a medium bowl, stir together Bisquick, 1/4 cup cane juice crystals, and 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon.

Add vanilla soy milk and mix well.

Add diced apple and stir in.

Melt margarine in microwave or on stovetop.

Using a large spoon, drop spoonfuls of apple batter into melted margarine, coating each before arranging evenly in an 8-inch round ungreased cake pan. If you have left over melted margarine, just pour it over the batter. Mmmmmm... margarine...

Combine final 1/4 cup cane juice crystals and teaspoon cinnamon in a small bowl, stirring well, then sprinkle over top of batter in cake pan.

Loosely cover pan with foil (the cake will rise a lot while baking, so don't secure edges of foil) and bake for 20 minutes.

Remove foil and bake for 15 minutes longer, or until a toothpick inserted into middle of cake comes out clean.

Remove from oven, let stand for five minutes, then use a knife to gently loosen edges of cake before turning out. Place one plate on top of cake in pan, then turn pan upside down, liberating the cake. Immediately place another plate on top of exposed bottom (*gasp* How embarrassing!) of cake. Gently holding both plates, flip the plates over and remove the plate from the top of the cake, resulting in the cake being right-side-up on the second plate.

This... This is not my prettiest serving plate. But it was the closest!

Allow to cool a few minutes before slicing with a serrated bread knife.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of enjoying this cake while it's still warm... Trust me!

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