Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bread Without Butter Reviews My Cookie Recipes

Tiffany at Bread Without Butter reviewed Sexy Vegan Mama's Amaretto Sugar Cookies and Kahlua Crinkle Cookies! In anticipation of the forthcoming Sweet and Simple Vegan Desserts, which I am co-authoring with best-selling author William Maltese, I've reached out and ask some of the best vegan bloggers on the planet to help test the recipes. Do I have the greatest pals in the world, or what?

Let me extend my belated thanks and acknowledgment for this awesome recipe review on Bread Without Butter. I've been moving and otherwise in the middle of Insanity Isle over the past month. Do you sweet readers have any idea what it's like to move a household with seven kids? Egads!

As I may have mentioned, Tiffany knows her stuff when it comes to breaking down a recipe.

Anyway, check out Tiffany's cuter-than-cute moose-shaped sugar cookies, above. Adorable, or what? Read her entire review of both recipes, here. Be sure to watch Tiffany's Twitter feed for more amazing vegan news and food!

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